Unlock Customer Success Story: Dan

Graphic showing the balance between debt and equity.

California resident Dan, like many consumers, was dealing with credit card debt – debt that was accumulating every month thanks to ever-mounting interest. He was anxious to find a way to pay it off.

When a friend referred him to Unlock, he didn’t know anything about Home Equity Agreements. But he was interested, and decided to make the call and learn more. “The Unlock rep explained things well,” he says, “and I decided to go for it.”

In fact, throughout the process, Dan found what he calls “world-class service.” The Unlock representatives would find out any answer to any question, and “went beyond the call of duty.” He found both company and process operated in a very organized manner.

An Unlock Home Equity Agreement provides “a timely manner to get money when you need it,” says Dan. “It’s something I would definitely refer others to.”

Situations like this are not unique to Dan. Many folks are facing this challenge and wondering where to turn for help. Consider a Home Equity Agreement from Unlock.

Learn more about Unlock's HEA here.