Unlock Customer Success Story: Marina

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Marina needed to make repairs on her California home and needed cash to do so. She thought the process would be straightforward, but found she was unable to do a cash-out refinance because her debt-to-income ratio was over the limit. While a home equity loan was possible, she couldn’t get as much money as she needed from it.

With Unlock’s Home Equity Agreement, she was able to get the cash she needed, and get it quickly. “My main contact from Unlock Technologies was really helpful,” she says. Another rep contacted her to go over the details and to make sure she understood everything. As a result, she experienced no surprises, a very fast and smooth process – and repairs getting done on her home.

“I would absolutely refer friends and family to Unlock,” Marina says. “It’s a great option if you really need access to funds and have equity in your home.”

See what a Unlock Home Equity Agreement can do for you: from paying down debt to boosting your FICO, your equity can be a ticket to a more secure future.