Key takeaways:

  • You can take some simple steps to maximize your home’s value if you are planning to sell.
  • Pay attention to both the interior and exterior of your house to make sure you don’t settle for less.

Whether the housing market is going up or down, a homeowner wants to maximize their home’s value for sale. If you are thinking about selling, these nine tips should help you position your home to get the best price possible.

1.     Boost curb appeal. First impressions count! Mow the lawn, pull weeds, rake leaves, prune brushes. Make sure both the front and back yard are clear of debris, toys and any lawn-care equipment. Get out the paint and touch up any exterior spots that need it. Adding a few potted plants or flowers around the main entrance can make a positive difference.

2.     Consider painting the front door. A front door that stands out with a fresh coat of paint can be an inexpensive way to brighten a house and welcome potential buyers. You could also purchase (or make) an inexpensive decorative wreath to hang on the door.

3.     Take care of any small repairs needed, inside and out. You may need to do touch-up painting indoors, fix ripped screens, replace any broken tiles, and update (or at least clean) grout. Make sure all appliances work and fix leaky faucets and running toilets.

4.     Declutter. The importance of decluttering a home for sale cannot be overstated. House hunters will draw conclusions – right or wrong – based on what they see in a home. If a home is full of clutter, chances are high they’ll assume you are not taking care of regular home maintenance. On the other hand, if a house is clean, organized, and free of clutter, chances are good they’ll assume you’ve been maintaining and taking good care of the home. Remember that potential buyers look in cabinets, closets and other areas.

Decluttering can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Start early and go one room at a time. Clear all flat surfaces, get rid of paperwork piles, and start winnowing down any furniture that looks dated or makes a room feel crowded. Remove personal belongings, including family photos, knickknacks and as many decorative items as possible.

5.     Clean. As is the case with clutter, prospective buyers will make judgments on the home based on how clean it is. Before listing your home for sale, do a thorough deep cleaning. Include carpets and floors, tops of cabinets, baseboards, windows/windowsills, walls, light fixtures, fans, toilets and sinks. 

6.     Invest in professional photos. When it comes to homebuying, a picture is worth 1,000 words to a potential buyer searching online. High-quality professional photography can go a long way in helping increase your selling price. A professional photographer will know key areas to highlight, and how to present them in the best way possible. 

7.     Get your own pre-listing inspection. It can be a good idea to find out if your home has any issues before putting it on the market. You’ll avoid surprises and have the chance to address any problems ahead of time. Or you can disclose any issues up-front with a potential buyer and adjust your selling price if needed. The cost of an inspection will vary depending on your location and the size of your home, but usually runs a few hundred dollars. Homeowners can contract with an independent home inspector.

8.     Price well. Setting the right asking price for your home is an art. Setting the price too high will deter strong buyers. Setting it too low means you may be settling. Many experts recommend pricing slightly lower than comparable properties so that you draw plenty of interest, yet not be disappointed with an offer at that price. Every situation is different. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help; so can careful research on your part.

9.     Make more major improvements. Some homeowners may have the time, money and inclination to make more major improvements before selling. In this case, it’s important to evaluate which projects will provide the greatest return. According to Remodeling Magazine, a garage door replacement offers one of the highest returns on investment (103%). Short of replacement, power washing and staining can give the door a new look. Minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades – from new countertops to fixtures to paint – also can be smart investments.

Taking time to do some upfront planning before you put your home on the market can pay off – literally. Investing some time and energy in your home will help assure that you maximize your home’s value for sale.

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