Are you looking to eliminate debt, pay down student loans or save up for a home renovation? Maybe you’d like to build up your emergency fund or you find that your budget is telling you your expenses are exceeding your income. A side gig – aka second job – is a great way to generate some extra money.

The good news is that there are as many side hustle opportunities as there are people. Each person will have their own interests and talents. Some side gigs will require more time or training. Some are one-time efforts while others are ongoing. Here are some ideas to inspire you and get you started on achieving the financial goals you’ve set.

  1. Start at home. Many studies show that decluttering and organizing can improve both mental and physical health, as well as increase productivity. These activities can also generate cash. Take time to clean out and organize drawers, cabinets, pantries, closets, attic, basement, garage (and storage unit, if you have one). Then learn to sell unneeded items on an online marketplace. 
  2. Tutor. If you have specific expertise (and patience) in an area – academic or other – tutoring may be for you. Along with in-person tutoring, many online opportunities are available. According to some experts, tutors can earn anywhere from $15/hour to more than $100/hour.
  3. Teach a language – English or foreign. For someone with the skills, foreign-language tutoring is in demand. Or look into teaching ESL online. In many situations, a full ESL certification may not be required – but this also may be an ideal time to go through an online program to get certified.
  4. Offer computer expertise. If you have computer skills, offer help with website maintenance and updates, virus removal or cleaning up a hard drive. More people working at home mean these skills are in greater demand.
  5. Market yourself as a personal assistant, offering to run errands, shop, wash cars and handle other tasks. Busy people with hectic schedules mean more opportunities for reliable, dependable help. Use local media, neighborhood online marketplaces, resources such as and local bulletin boards (at recreation centers, grocery stores, etc.) to market your services.
  6. Provide pet care. Whether in need of regular care or vacation care, plenty of pet owners need good caregivers and walkers for their furry friends. Online networks like can make it easy for you to connect with pet owners.
  7. Housesit. An increasing number of homeowners are looking for people to stay at their homes when they are away. Duties may include pet care, plant watering, and light cleaning and maintenance activities.
  8. Babysit. There is usually no shortage of need for top-notch childcare. Local chapters of the American Red Cross, local recreation and safety districts, and online sites offer babysitting certifications that can increase your confidence and marketability.
  9. Deliver. It could be food (think GrubhubDoorDash and Uber Eats), groceries (Instacart or Shipt) or packages. FedExUPSAmazon and other shippers may offer seasonal as well as permanent part-time positions.
  10. Part-time retail and fast-food positions. Today, many flexible, part-time, well-paying opportunities are available in food service and retail. Many also offer excellent benefits.

Ready to get started? Narrow down your options to a few ideas that may work for you and start your research and marketing. Develop a realistic list of everything you’ll need to get started and do the work. Certification classes? Supplies? Software? Be careful. The side hustle is about making extra money to put toward your financial goals. It’s not about ordering fancy business cards or going into debt. Keep your perspective and take on only what makes sense for you, and you can soon be earning extra cash.

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