The cost will be just about the same as I’d spend in doing a refinance.

Khalia is a woman with an eye on the future. Looking to take advantage of the housing market in her Midwest city, she was in the market to do a cash-out refinance on her home. Her intent was to use the funds to fix up her home and turn it into an investment property – then leverage that property to purchase others.

While researching refinancing options, she came across the Unlock Technologies home equity agreement (HEA). She had never heard of terms where you don’t have to pay back something in the form of a monthly payment. But she did her homework and learned how the HEA works. She found the examples Unlock provided in the documents she received very helpful. When she had other questions, a representative was there to answer and explain.

“Representatives were available, efficient and communicative, even sometimes answering questions via text!”

Khalia calculated that at the end of the 10-year Unlock agreement, the amount that would ultimately go to Unlock was going to be about the same as she’d be spending in doing a refinance. And, right now, I get my money upfront and have no monthly payments.”

Once she understood everything well, she was anxious to see how much she could get with the equity in her home. “Learning how much I could get made my decision.” From there, the process went very smoothly, and Khalia is on her way to making property enhancements and investments.

From home improvements to paying down debt, even possibly increasing your FICO score, a home equity agreement from Unlock Technologies can open you up to a set of financial options you may not have even been aware of.

Learn more about what a home equity agreement could do for you.

Thank you, Khalia!

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