Unlock Customer Success Story: Rob, In His Own Words...

A sign showing a customer success story, opening a store.

We recently heard from Rob, a customer in the Midwest, who shared this about his experience with Unlock.

After retiring from a very successful professional career, I purchased a small retail business. It was an intriguing challenge, and a great way to meet interesting people. However, necessary renovations, maintenance, rising costs of product and wages, in combination with COVID restrictions, really began to put me in a financially stressful situation.

After looking into bank-sponsored home equity loans and lines of credit, I felt those products were not good fits for my needs. I inadvertently discovered home equity agreements, and thoroughly researched providers. I found Unlock’s website to be the most simple, direct and forthright.

My initial conversation with Unlock’s representative was very thorough; she answered all my questions and explained the entire procedure, required documentation and length of time from application to being funded (which was quite reasonable). Both the underwriter and she patiently directly me through the entire process. Everything went well, and I obtained funding in less than two months.

Needless to say, my financial stress burden has been lifted, and I now have “reserve funding” to use for debt reduction and unexpected business expenses. I can once again sleep well at night! Thank you to the Unlock team.

Thank YOU, Rob!

Stories like his are the reason we're here. We can't plan for life's "unexpecteds," but a Home Equity Agreement from Unlock gives you options you might not have considered. Talk to us. Let's see if we can help.