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How to to use your Home Equity for a Home Remodel

Learn how to use your home equity for home remodeling.
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Unlock Technologies Customer Success Story: Marina

This success story features Marina, whose home equity agreement funded needed home repairs.

How To Estimate And Reduce Home Maintenance And Repair Costs

Home maintenance and repair costs don't have to be painful. Here are some tips on how to reduce them.

Should You Use a Home Equity Loan for Home Improvements?

You may consider using a home equity loan for home improvements. But you have other options, too.

Renovate or Move? Homeowners’ Big Dilemma

To determine whether you should renovate or move, we've prepared a checklist of things to consider.

Home Renovations: Using a Credit Card or Home Equity

Financing with home equity provides a lower-interest alternative than using a credit card.

How to Use an HEA for Home Maintenance Projects

Home maintenance projects preserve your home’s current value and can even increase its future value. Homeowners can use a home equity agreement for home maintenance projects. Here’s how.

How to use Home Equity for Home Improvements

Curious if you can use home equity for home improvements? Here are a few tips to help you improve your home's value with a home equity agreement.

Using Home Equity to Finish your Basement

Home equity can be used to finish your basement, and for other upgrades. Which is the best way to fund the project?

How to to use your Home Equity for a Home Remodel

Learn how to use your home equity for home remodeling.

How To Get A Fix-and-Flip Loan With No Money Down

Learn how you can get a fix-and-flip loan with no money down in addition to alternative financing options for your next house flip.

The Complete Guide To Fix and Flip Loans

An explanation of how fix-and-flip loans work for investors, and how to finance the carrying costs of your next house flip.
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